easyJet announces passenger statistics for April 2013

easyJet has reported its flown seat and load factor statistics for April 2013.

The airline does not report passengers carried but flown seats as it is a non-refund carrier and no-shows are counted as well as passengers actually flown.
In April 2013, easyJet had 5,253,610 flown seats compare with 5,124,597 in April 2012, a 2.5% increase. The respective load factors were 86.7% and 89.3%, a year on year decrease of 2.6 percentage points.
easyJet emphasised that the underlying load factors in April were broadly flat year on year after adjusting for the timing of Easter (which created a negative 2 pp impact on April load factors) and the impact of French air traffic control strikes in April 2012 (which contributed a negative 0.6 percentage point impact).
For the rolling 12 months ending April 2013, easyJet reported 59,862,909 flown seats, up 6.5% on the 56,200,567 for the 12 months ending April 2012. The respective load factors were 89.1% and 88.2%, a rise of 0.9 pp.

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