easyJet announces November passenger stats

easyJet’s passenger numbers have grown by 9.6% from 4,386,296 in November 2014 to 4,807,922 for the same month this year, which means a load factor increase of 0.9 percentage points from 89.5% to 90.3% across the same respective periods.However, there were 378 cancellations in November 2015 compared to 16 in November 2014. Sharm el-Sheikh accounted for 176 of the total with the majority of remaining cancellations due to adverse weather conditions earlier in the month.For the rolling 12 months ending November 2015, passenger numbers reached 69,615,102, a 6.8% increase from the 65,204,437 recorded in November 2014. This resulted in a load factor increase of one percentage point from 90.8% to 91.8%.

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