DUBAI 2015: flydubai selects Rockwell avionics for 737-800s

flydubai has chosen to equip its 11 new Next-Generation Boeing 737 aircraft with Rockwell Collins avionics including the company’s Head-up Guidance System (HGS), MultiScan ThreatTrack weather radar and datalink communications system.
The Rockwell Collins HGS-4000 system features manual guidance to touchdown, allowing for Category III approach and landing down to 600ft/200m Runway Visual Range (RVR), low-visibility takeoff as low as 300ft/75m RVR and lower-than-standard Category I approach minima as low as 1400ft/350m RVR.
The HGS-4000 also has numerous safety features including specific symbology for tailstrike avoidance, TCAS alerts and awareness and recovery from unusual attitude and windshear events.
MultiScan ThreatTrack offers Two-Level Turbulence Detection and Predictive OverFlight Protection while enabling inferred hail and lightning prediction.
Finally, GLU-925 MMR, a certified GPS Landing System receiver, enables high-integrity navigation, including RNP AR, Category III ILS and Category I Global Positioning Landing System approaches. The MMR also enables GPS position and availability requirements for ADS-B Out mandates.
Rockwell Collins is also providing a comprehensive communication and navigation suite as part of the avionics package for flydubai. Deliveries of the 11 737-800s will take place during 2016 and 2017.

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