DUBAI 2015: E2 E-Jets on target for 2016 first flight

The first member of the Embraer E-Jets E2 family, an E190-E2, will have its fuselage joined with the wing by the year-end, according to Paulo Cesar Silva (pictured), president and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation, who noted that the programme is on time and on budget for entry into service in 2018.

Cesar added that the first engines are scheduled to arrive in Brazil during the week following the Dubai Air Show.

There will be four E190-E2 aircraft for the flight test programme with three of them scheduled to be flying by the end of 2016. The fourth, with full interior and designated to perform function and reliability (F&R) testing will take to the skies in 2017. The first of two prototype E195-E2s will be assembled by end of next year.

Cesar confirmed that the company aims to maintain its current production rate of around 100 aircraft a year during the E1-E2 transition.

Mathieu Duquesnoy, VP sales EMEA, Embraer Commercial Aviation, reported that 2015 has been another “excellent year” for the company. “We’ve achieved 148 sales so far this year and our book-to-bill ratio is close to two. We’re continuing to sell many of the original ‘E1’s and are definitely seeing good potential for the E2 family as we continue to increase our global footprint into new markets.

“We have therefore welcomed more new E-Jet operators, either with new or used aircraft, as we move towards our aim of having 100 operators by the time the first E2 enters service,” Duquesnoy added. “On the E2 programme, we have 267 firm orders and are very pleased with the quality of the customers.

Focussing on the Middle East, Duquesnoy emphasised that it is a difficult market for aircraft which do a lot of daily cycles. “But it is not an impossible environment as Oman Air has shown by being the worldwide leader for reliability on the E175. Therefore, we still see strong opportunities to add to the current 58 aircraft with nine operators, especially in terms of right-sizing.

“Of all intra-Middle East flights in the last year, 41% had less that 100 passengers on board,” he continued. “Also, 56% of those routes have less than a single daily frequency.”

Bernie Baldwin, editor, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines/
Dubai, UAE

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