Draft agreement to develop Transavia France completed

Air France has worked with representative pilot unions to come up with a draft agreement for the development of Transavia France, which has been presented at the special board meeting of SNPL Air France ALPA (Air France’s main pilot union).
The agreement outlines that pilots flying for Transavia France will be employed under Transavia France’s operating and remuneration conditions to ensure the company’s competitiveness and its development as a complement to the Air France network.
For Air France pilots who also begin flying for Transavia France, two co-existing contracts will be implemented, providing them with integrated career development, including a single seniority list.
Any future changes in working conditions and remuneration at Transavia France will seek the agreement of the SNPL Air France ALPA and SNPL Transavia, which was also involved in the dialogue leading to this first draft agreement.
The agreement will now be submitted to a referendum of SNPL Air France ALPA’s members in the hope of implementation in mid-November.

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