Datalex supporting ATPCO Optional Services data

Datalex reports that it has implemented support for ATPCO Optional Services (OC) data, inclusive of automated baggage rules and ancillary fees, adding that it will continue to work with ATPCO to help define and implement evolving automated baggage rules toward and beyond 1 April 2011.

Datalex started enabling baggage fees and seat fee ancillaries for its airline customers in 2005. Since then, its TDP Merchandising Platform has evolved to enable the growth of ancillary revenues for its customers worldwide.

The TDP Merchandising Platform can complement any fare pricing system, says Datalex, offering a low-risk approach to drive additional revenue from existing solutions. This centralised platform allows an airline to define and personalise ancillary product pricing for hundreds of ancillary offerings across multiple channels: web, mobile, call centre, ticket office and direct B2B distribution.

“We have been actively involved with ATPCO Optional Service forums and working groups since their inception and applaud their support and expediency in enabling optional services through the ATPCO system. Datalex supports ATPCO Optional Services standards where they simplify process and enhance revenue opportunity across direct and indirect sales channels,” explained Ornagh Hoban, Datalex VP marketing and strategy.

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