CTC Wings announces £40,000 Bond Protection for cadets

CTC Aviation Group has announced an increase to its Bond Protection package to provide additional peace of mind to those considering training with CTC Wings, the company’s career development programme for aspiring airline pilots.

The new £40,000 Bond Protection package is believed to be one of the largest financial risk protection packages for ab initio training in the industry.

Earlier this year easyJet announced CTC Wings as its preferred supplier of pilots and to date this year, more than 200 pilots have been placed with CTC Wings’ partner airlines including easyJet and DHL Air UK Ltd.

During the ab initio or CPL/IR training period, CTC Wings cadets are required to deposit a security bond with CTC. The Bond Protection provided by CTC gives substantial financial risk protection to a CTC Wings cadet during this stage of training, where up to £40,000 of an individual’s security bond may be refunded by CTC in the unlikely event of course failure.

“We are very proud of our training record and more than 98% of our cadets complete training with flying colours. However, when you are investing significant funds into your career, it is good to know that a considerable amount of the financial risk is reduced where possible,” explained Captain Lee Woodward, executive director of CTC and head of CTC Wings. “By increasing our Bond Protection to £40,000, we believe we offer the best such safeguard available for aspiring pilots. In addition to our strong track record, this Bond Protection offers the added reassurance that your investment will be protected in the event of failure during training.”

Successful ‘CTC Wings’ applicants are eligible to apply for funding with the BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria), a Spanish bank (with a London base) which is happy to accept applications for the funding of pilot training with the programme.

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