CTC re-opens Advanced Flight Instructor programme

CTC Aviation has re-opened applications for its Advanced Flight Instructor Programme, whereby successful applicants will be sponsored by CTC Aviation to become multi-engine Instrument Rating and Class Rating Instructors (IRI and CRI) whilst receiving a salary from the commencement of training.
The programme involves three years as an employed flight instructor at CTC Aviation’s crew training centre in Bournemouth, UK, where pilots are responsible for delivering flight training for the company’s CTC Wings airline pilot career programmes and flexible professional pilot training programme, CTC Takeoff.
Successful applicants will benefit from attending CTC Aviation’s airline standard Type Rating Instructor Core course and the company’s industry leading Airline Qualification Course (which incorporates the Multi crew Co-operation Certificate – MCC) in the process. A visit to CTC Aviation’s Crew Training Centre in Hamilton, New Zealand, is also planned as part of the instructor’s development.
At the end of the 3 year period, instructors may choose to continue working for CTC Aviation as part of the company’s instructor team – with potential relocation opportunities to CTC Aviation’s Crew Training Centres in New Zealand or the United States – or CTC’s Airline Placement Team will aim to facilitate employment as a co-pilot with one of the company’s airline partners.
“Our programme has been really successful over the years. The first course of instructors have just joined easyJet as co-pilots after having had an enjoyable time as part of the instructor team in Bournemouth,” commented Martin Hunt, CTC Aviation’s COO of ab initio training in Europe. “We were sad to see them go, but that is part of the attraction of the programme and enables us to invite even more instructors to benefit from the programme.”
CTC offers a similar career route for New Zealanders at its crew training centre in Hamilton, New Zealand, called ‘The CTC Wings Diploma in Aviation Flight Instructor Programme’.

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