CTC Aviation offers students a new financial solution

Students of CTC Aviation seeking to fund their CTC WINGS Integrated ATPL or MPL airline pilot career programme training are now eligible for exclusive ‘Proflight’ loans provided by the UK’s Secure Trust Bank through ATPL Finance Ltd.
The new loan offers aspiring pilots secured funding for loan amounts ranging from £25,001 to £125,000, providing the potential to fund not only airline pilot career training, but also type-rating training should such funding be required once CTC Aviation has secured airline placement for the successful graduate pilot.
By providing a 2-year repayment holiday, ‘Proflight’ loans enables students to complete their training, secure a position as a co-pilot and start earning a salary before they need to make any repayments.Applicants to CTC Aviation now have the option to apply for a range of both secured and unsecured loans from several banks to support their training designed to suit a range of circumstances and routes to the flight deck.

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