CommutAir pilots ratify new long term labour agreement

CommutAir’s pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), have ratified a new four year contract.
The deal addresses quality of life, pay and productivity concerns as CommutAir adds 40 Embraer ERJ 145s to its fleet. This expansion follows the news of a five year flying contract with United Airlines.
“I want to thank the negotiating teams from both sides for their focus and tremendous effort in reaching an agreement in two months,” remarked Joel Raymond, chief operating officer of CommutAir. “It's not uncommon for such negotiations to last several years beyond a contract amendable date, however, by working together, and staying focused on the key issues, we were able to develop an agreement that rewards the hard work and professionalism of our pilot group and creates a very attractive career path for both current and future CommutAir pilots.”
In addition to the fleet expansion, CommutAir has established a career path programme (CPP) with United Airlines where participating pilots are offered the option to transition from CommutAir to United after meeting various service, performance record and accumulated flight hour requirements.
“This contract conscientiously addresses the key concerns of our pilot group. Couple that with a fast track to captain, because of our planned growth, and the ability to establish a career path to United, via the CPP, and we have an unbeatable package. A pilot looking for a rewarding career need not look any further than CommutAir,” Raymond concluded.

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