Commsoft’s OASES chosen by Nordica to aid start of operations

Commsoft’s MRO IT system, OASES, has been chosen by Nordica, the airline rebrand of Nordic Aviation Group (NAG), to support its start-up airline operation.

The contract is for five years and five concurrent users. Initial flights under the brand have been operated under contract to Nordica in wet lease or co-operative arrangements with other airlines, including bmi Regional and Adria Airways, both of which are OASES users. Adria is also currently providing the flight operator's certificate, commercial platform and ticketing system.

Nordica has now taken delivery of the first of its own aircraft, a Bombardier CRJ700, and plans to use OASES to establish its own AOC and CAMO approvals with an expanding CRJ700 and CRJ900 fleet.

“We’re delighted that Nordica has chosen to join the growing worldwide family of OASES users, particularly given that theirs is a start-up operation,” remarked Nick Godwin, Commsoft’s managing director. “We’re looking forward to working closely with them to ensure a speedy and successful implementation and a long-term business relationship.”

To allow for scalability, OASES is structured in a modular format and Nordica has selected the Core, Airworthiness and Planning modules which will be hosted on Commsoft’s OASES Cloud service. Implementation and initial training are scheduled to start immediately.

Nordica has also indicated that it will be using OASES in conjunction with the Aviolinx RAIDO operations system, the interface for which has already been deployed by other OASES customers, including Loganair and SmartLynx.

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