Combined June and 1H11 traffic data for SkyWest Airlines, ASA and ExpressJet

SkyWest, Inc., has announced combined traffic data for its three operating airlines subsidiaries, SkyWest Airlines, Atlantic Southeast Airlines and ExpressJet Airlines covering June 2011 and the first half of the calendar year (1H11).

In June the three carriers generated 2,661,097,560 revenue passenger miles (RPMs), compared with 1,693,294,745 in June 2010, a 57.2% increase. Available seat miles were up by 58.0% at 3,227,559,360 from last June’s 2,042,191,997.

These figures meant that the load factor dropped slightly – by 0.5 percentage points – to 82.4% in June 2011 compared with 82.9% in June 2010. The combined total of passengers carried was 5,050,329, an increase of 48.0% over last June’s 3,411,663.

For the calendar year to the end of June (1H11), RPMs for the three airlines totalled 13,994,814,849, up by 53.0% from 1H10’s figure of 9,145,034,106. ASMs for the trio were 17,956,917,440, compared with 11,582,033,136 in 1H10, a 55.0% increase.

The 1H11 load factor for the trio was 77.9%, down 1.1 pp from 1H10’s result of 79.0%. Passengers carried by the airlines in 1H11 totalled 27,034,194, an increase of 46.8% over the 18,419,314 carried in 1H10.

Much of the large increases in RPMs, ASMs and passenger numbers can be attributed to the fact that ExpressJet was only acquired by SkyWest, Inc., in November 2010.

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