Colour-shifting coating unveiled

A new colour-shifting cabin interior coating has been introduced by painting specialist Sherwin-Williams Aerospace to help cost-effectively enhance the passenger experience in both economy and premium class.

The new two-stage ‘Radiance’ coat has been added to the company’s JetFlex Elite aircraft cabin coatings system. Sherwin-Williams says the coating features a colour-changing mica appearance, creating a softer, richer and more sophisticated atmosphere.

JetFlex Elite applies easily to plastic, metal and composite surfaces, and also features improved appearance and application features, as well as options as a single-stage interior product (for colours), or a two-stage radiance coat system (for whites and light colours).

There are 40 stylized single stage JetFlex Elite colours and 30 different two-stage radiance coat options featuring in its Interior Topcoat Selector and Fan Deck Set, it says. The coating is based off Boeing qualified technology (BMS 10-83) and meets stringent requirements for stain and abrasion resistance as well as the FAR / JAR 25.853 regulations for burn, smoke and heat release.

Designed to offer subtle sophistication and mood enhancement for aircraft interiors, the colours are responsive to LED lighting, creating a subtle glow with highlights and coloured shadows not seen with current interior cabin coatings, says the manufacturer.

Using an interior cabin coating like Jet Flex ELITE is a cost-effective way to improve the passenger experience in both the economy or premium class sections of the aircraft.

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