Cockpit4u readies new 737NG FBT for service

Cockpit4u has announced a brand-new Boeing 737NG fixed base trainer (FBT) designed to bridge the gap between procedure training on ground and flight training in full flight simulators.

Th FBT features complete replica hardware, an instructor station, worldwide airport and navigation database and a flat-screen based full HD visual system. The simulated aircraft systems, says the company, ensure maximum transfer of learning to subsequent training in Level D full flight simulators.

From March, Cockpit4u will launch the FBT for all 737NG type rating courses, recurrent training, jet introduction training or IFR refresher training.

“We will always be pushing ahead and constantly improving our training quality. And with airlines being increasingly finance driven, Cockpit4u’s cost-effective training solution is exactly what the industry is asking for,” declared Dennis Pilz, managing director of Cockpit4u.

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