Clermont group acquires Eviation aircraft

Singapore-based Clermont Group has purchased Eviation Aircraft it announced on 29 August. In January, Clermont entered into an agreement to acquire 70% share in the Israeli start-up company, which plans to be the first-to-market manufacturer of an all-electric-propulsion aircraft.

Eviation is developing the all-electric Alice, which is aimed at commutes of up to 650 miles and was unveiled at the PAS19 in June. At the same time the company announced its first commercial contract with US-based Cape Air, which is due to receive its first aircraft in 2022.

Clermont Aerospace also owns electric engine company magniX, along with securing a commitment from Eviation at the Paris airshow to power the Alice with magni250 engines, magniX recently announced a programme with Canadian seaplane operator Harbour Air to certify its magni500 motor.

“Eviation and magniX are two highly complementary platforms both focussed on making the dream of sustainable flight a reality,” said Clermont Group chairman Richard Chandler. “Electric airplanes will shape the future of the aviation and transportation industries making air travel cleaner, cheaper and more efficient. We are at the dawn of a new era in aviation and Clermont is investing in innovation to lead this transformation.”

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