Cimber Sterling cuts staff by more than 20%

To enable the new strategic direction it announced on 14 December, Cimber Sterling says it has reluctantly had to reduce staff by around 200 out of its approximately 890 employees over the period between now and the end of October 2012.

The company has started negotiations with the affected employee organisations through the works council. It is not expected that the staff reduction will have any impact on the guidance given by the company for 2011/12.

Cimber Sterling’s core business will now focus on domestic traffic in Denmark and Sweden as well as regional traffic, first to and from Scandinavia, and in the longer term in all of northern Europe. The company says its ambition is to become “the leading regional airline of the Nordic region which, alone, and together with others, gives customers a coherent Nordic infrastructure in the air”.

Cimber Sterling intends to simplify its business by, among other things, harmonising and streamlining its fleet, moving from the current three types of aircraft to only two. Therefore the company has started to phase out its Boeing aircraft, a process which its expects to complete over the next six months.

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