Cimber Sterling chooses Lufthansa Systems IT to optimise flight operations

Cimber Sterling has opted to implement Lufthansa Systems’ navigation charts (Lido/RouteManual) and Lido/TakeOff for take-off performance analysis in a five-year contract signed recently.

"Lufthansa Systems’ in-depth process knowhow was among the key factors for our decision in favour of Lido/RouteManual and Lido/TakeOff. We are looking forward to continue our longstanding and successful partnership," said Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO of Cimber Sterling. The airline is already using Lufthansa Systems’ Lido/FMS database as well as the revenue management solution ProfitLine/Yield Rembrandt.

Lido/RouteManual charts are generated directly from the Lido navigation database, which contains worldwide aeronautical information as well as comprehensive geographical data. With a clear and easy-to-read design the charts are very user-friendly. This reduces the pilots’ workload in the cockpit, especially during key flight situations such as take-off and landing.

Lido/TakeOff calculates the optimal take-off data while taking all relevant factors – such as outside temperature, air pressure, runway length and conditions, and final aircraft take-off weight – into account. These calculations rely on the Lido Airport/Obstacle Data with respective Engine Out procedures (EOSIDs).

"We are proud that Cimber Sterling has decided to expand our co-operation. Our solutions provide Cimber Sterling with a high degree of automation, thus resulting in optimised processes and lower costs for the airline," said Stefan Auerbach, Senior Vice President Sales EMEA at Lufthansa Systems.

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