CFM’s orderbook indicates strong 2015

CFM International has announced it booked a total of 2,154 engines, including 736 CFM56 engines and 1,418 LEAP engines, during 2015.
“We are honoured that airline customers around the world continue to show a preference for CFM engines,” averred Jean-Paul Ebanga, president and CEO, CFM International. “The CFM56 family is still going strong and we believe LEAP orders raise even higher as our technology choices prove themselves out in the flight test programmes at Airbus and Boeing.
“Our 2015 orders bring the current backlog to more than 13,400 engines and our biggest challenge now is building them all. To meet that challenge, GE and Snecma have invested nearly US$1 billion to date in new and upgraded facilities that incorporate today’s most advanced manufacturing technology. Our goal is to ensure that each new LEAP engine is delivered on time with the same level of quality and reliability our customers have come to expect from a CFM product.”
In January 2016, CFM delivered 600 engine orders, while the LEAP engine surpassed 10,000 total engine orders and commitments (excluding options) at a value of US$140 billion at list price. This year makes the start of the transition to LEAP engine production, with more than 140 units in the plan. The company expects to complete the transition by 2020 with an annual production rate of more than 2,000 engines.
Meanwhile, CFM continues to achieve historic production rates for the CFM56 product line. The company produced 1,638 CFM56 engines in 2015, compared to 1,560 engines in 2014 and 1,502 in 2013. CFM will continue to build CFM56 spare engines for many years to support the in-service fleet and plans to produce spare parts for the programme until around the year 2045.

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