CFM’s LEAP engine still on time for certification target

CFM International has announced that its LEAP engine testing has logged more than 1,500 flight hours and is still on track for certification of the powerplants for the Airbus A320neo family and the COMAC C919 family in 2015, having successfully completed more than 2,600 cycles on many of the most demanding tests, including early icing; cross wind; bird ingestion; emissions; acoustics; and early endurance testing.
Since the LEAP engine made its first flight on 6 October on a modified 747 flying testbed, it has completed more than 75 total hours of flight testing.
"This engine has performed well beyond our expectations," said Jean-Paul Ebanga, president and CEO of CFM. "The results we are achieving across the board are outstanding and reinforce not only the technology choices we have made but also the overwhelming acceptance this it has garnered from airlines around the world. We couldn’t be happier with where this program is today.”
The LEAP programme has also been reinforced by the Loong Air’s announcement that CFM’s LEAP-1A will power its new 9-strong A320neo fleet. Liu Qihong, chairman of Zhejiang Loong Airlines, commented, “We are very pleased to order the new LEAP engine for our A320neo aircraft. We chose the LEAP engine because of its fuel efficiency, which will not only keep our costs in check but also help production the environment with fewer emissions. We look forward to introducing it into our fleet.
“Our goal is to contribute to the economic and social development of Zhejiang province by providing efficient transportation,” Liu continued. “We are learning about the reliability and world-class support CFM provides through our CFM56-5B fleet. We are looking forward to introducing the LEAP engine in the next few years.”

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