CFM adds content assurance guarantee to TRUEngine programme

CFM’s TRUEngine programme has been enhanced by the addition of a Content Assurance Guarantee (CAG) for subsequent buyers of qualified CFM56 engines.

The CAG was launched in response to customer requests for more assurance of asset value upon the sale of a qualified CFM56 engine. With this guarantee, customers who purchase a qualified CFM56 engine are entitled to a 50% credit on replacement parts if, at the first shop visit after transfer of ownership, any parts or repairs found in the engine are not original CFM parts or CFM-authorised repairs.

“We have had great success with the TRUEngine programme since we launched it and the CAG is a great example of how customers have worked with us to make the programme even better,” explained Jean-Paul Ebanga, president and CEO of CFM International. “This guarantee gives customers added peace of mind that, when they purchase a used CFM56 engine qualified for TRUEngine status, it will contain only original CFM parts and repairs. If it doesn’t, CFM will help them bring that asset up to TRUEngine standards.”

In addition to launching the CAG, CFM has also contracted with The Aircraft Group to validate submitted engine records as part of the TRUEngine qualification process. To qualify, a customer submits engine serial numbers, along with the required maintenance records to substantiate that the engine content, overhaul practices, and repairs are consistent with CFM recommendations for that engine model. The Aircraft Group will streamline the evaluation process and improve the reliability of information through its proprietary TAG Fleet Online software.

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