Cesar Silva advocates investment in Brazilian airport infrastructure

During a press conference marking the rollout of the E190-E2 at Embraer’s factory in São José dos Campos, president and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation, Paulo Cesar Silva (pictured), said he thought the future of regional aviation in Brazil looked bright.
Responding to a question about Azul, he stated while there’s no doubt room for a 100 seat aircraft in the Brazilian market, at this point in time growth wasn't likely to happen. “The economy in Brazil is shrinking – it decreased by 4% last year and this year it’s predicted shrink by 3%,” he averred, but added he hoped once this started improving the country would see increasing investment.
He went on to say that apart from investment in Embraer directly, investment in airport infrastructure and runways was also very important, finishing off by remarking, “You can’t develop a region with minimum investment in their airports.”
Silva is also confident that a new scope clause allowing for a 100-seat aircraft, in addition to the existing scope clause for 76-seat aircraft, will eventually allow Embraer to further penetrate the North American market with its E-Jets. He added that Delta taking on ex Air-Canada E-190s was a start.
During a media presentation the previous day, chief commercial officer of Embraer Commercial Aviaiton, Jon Slattery, stated the aforementioned deal could be signalling a “seismic shift” in the way mainline operators in North America work. He feels that “right sizing” – seemingly one of the key selling points of the E-Jet family – could engender the “new metrics of success: airline profitability rather than market share.”
Stephanie Taylor, assistant editor, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines / LARAnews.netSão José dos Campos, Brazil

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