CASA grounds Tiger Airways Australia

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has suspended the operations of Tiger Airways Australia for a five-day period to the end of 6 July 2011, because CASA believes allowing the airline to continue to fly “poses a serious and imminent risk to air safety”.

The suspension of Tiger Airways Australia follows the issue of a show cause notice to the airline in March 2011. Taking Tiger Airways Australia’s response to this show cause notice into account, CASA subsequently imposed a number of conditions on the airline’s air operator’s certificate (AOC).

These conditions required actions to improve the proficiency of Tiger Airways Australia’s pilots, improvements to pilot training and checking processes, changes to fatigue management, improvements to maintenance control and ongoing airworthiness systems and ensuring appropriately qualified people fill management and operational positions.

CASA says it has been closely monitoring the operations of Tiger Airways Australia throughout 2011, with surveillance undertaken at a range of locations.

According to CASA, since Tiger Airways Australia was served the show cause notice there have been further events raising concerns about the airline’s ability to continue to conduct operations safely.

Therefore, CASA no longer has confidence in the ability of Tiger Airways Australia to satisfactorily address the safety issues that have been identified.

During the five-day suspension, CASA must apply to the Federal Court for an extension of the grounding it remains dissatisfied with the airline’s progress. If the Federal Court supports CASA’s application the court can continue the suspension for a period of time which will allow CASA to finalise investigations into the safety matters.

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