CarTrawler to market airline transfer services

CarTrawler, which offers airlines and travel retailers ways to maximise ancillary revenue through car rental, has announced that from early 2015 it will also give passengers the choice to browse and purchase transfer services through the CarTrawler online marketplace.
The various transfer services cater to all budgets, ranging from limousines with a driver, taxis, shuttle services or GPS-located transport solutions. Bobby Healy, CarTrawler’s CTO, explained, “There’s the potential for airlines to double their non-airfare related ancillary revenue from this new platform, because there’s an 80% conversion rate from flights to ground transportation for holiday packages.”
At the IEA/Marketforce Future of Air Transport conference in London, Healy also told that the global car rental market, one of the top ancillary earners for airlines, stood at €45 million in 2013, and whilst he can’t confirm exact figures, he knows the transfer market is even bigger.Overall, he estimates that value of global ground transportation is just shy of $20bn.
Healy also made a presentation at the conference, claiming that CarTrawler is offering ground transportation solutions that can be personalised by customer, country and continent. For example, he said, it’s clear that passengers travelling from airports in cities like Paris, New York and London rent cars much less frequently, using other methods to get to their hotels.
Describing what his business did, Healy said, “Our data scientists work to deliver what the customer wants, sometimes before they know they want it.” The new transfer services will be available to more than 500 million airline passengers.

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