Cape Air signs four-year deal with TravelPass

Cape Air has signed a four-year contract with TravelPass, which will allow the airline to use the latter’s subscription travel technology to offer passengers prepaid trips, unlimited trips and pay-as-you-fly options.
The carrier chose TravelPass to replace its current paper-based ticket booking system to strengthen revenue management, automate and digitise booking processes and provide a higher degree of personalisation.
“We are always exploring ways to enhance digital interaction with our customers,” averred Linda Markham, president of Cape Air. “We are a specialised company serving very unique markets, and our clients expect exceptional service from the time they decide to book a trip. We believe TravelPass will allow us to meet those expectations while helping us to strengthen our business model.”
“They liked what they saw initially,” commented David Taylor, SVP business development, TravelPass, “but they really started getting excited when they began to explore the possibilities that TravelPass functionality could offer, especially to build loyalty. By using TravelPass, Cape Air can set themselves apart by offering an improved digital interface to win over and retain customers,” he maintains.
TravelPass CEO, Svein Therkelsen, added, “They are going to take sophisticated digital personalisation very far, everything from ease of use to customisation. They are an innovative player and they will continue in that direction to improve their customers’ digital experience using TravelPass.”

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