CAA punctuality stats show Flybe is most on-time

The Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) punctuality statistics report for 2015 shows Flybe as the most on-time carrier of airlines operating over 30,000 flights a year.
With 84% of its flights recorded as being on time, Flybe came in ahead of Ryanair, which scored 82.1%; British Airways, which scored 72.7%; and easyJet, which scored 71.7%.
The report analysed airline performance from arrival and departure data provided by the CAA’s 25 UK reporting airports for airline’s on-time performance (defined by a less than 15-minute delay).
Flybe has improved year-over-year from 82% to 84%, whilst, at the same time overall industry performance was reported to have dropped from 79% for 2014 to 76.6% for 2015.
Luke Farajallah, Flybe’s COO, commented, “We recognise that on-time performance is a critically defining factor when it comes to choosing which airline to fly with. Not only has Flybe yet again placed in pole position against other airlines, but most pleasingly these independent statistics indicate we have improved on last year’s performance, bucking the industry trend.
“Flybe remains heavily focused on maintaining its above-average track record for punctuality and there is a company-wide commitment to improving even further this very important element of our passengers’ experience,” Farajallah concluded.

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