Braathens renews Lufthansa Systems flight planning deal

Braathens Aviation will continue to deploy NetLine/Sched, NetLine/Ops++ and NetLine/Crew flight planning software from Lufthansa Systems after deciding to renew its contract with the company for another five years.
The two parties have worked together since 2008. Both of Braathen Aviation’s airlines, Malmö Aviation and Braathens Regional, which operate out of Bromma Airport in Stockholm on Swedish domestic and regional flights, use NetLine/Sched to optimise the operational and commercial aspects of flight planning and provide schedulers with decision-making support. The NetLine/Sched software compares all the possible scheduling options and carries out what-if analyses.
NetLine/Ops++ helps keep the impact of unforeseen, last-minute deviations from the regular flight schedule, whether due to bad weather, technical problems or delays, to a minimum.
Finally, NetLine/Crew will help support Braathens Aviation’s crew management process, from rotation planning to de-briefing activities for individual flights, facilitating the preparation of cost-effective duty rosters that take crew preferences into account.

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