Bombardier, Fokker Services to develop Dash 8/Q100/200/300 support

Bombardier Aerospace and Fokker Services have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly develop logistics support solutions for Dash 8/Q100/200/300 aircraft through Fokker’s comprehensive ABACUS programme.

The ABACUS programme offers guaranteed availability of serviceable components, and flight hour-based component repair and overhaul services. It allows Dash 8/Q100/200/300 aircraft operators to manage their life-cycle costs better, to improve parts availability and to enhance aircraft dispatch availability.

"Fokker Services is a leader in Q100/200/300 aircraft support and we are highly confident in their ability to support us in providing comprehensive solutions to operators of Dash 8/Q100/200/300 aircraft and to work alongside us to increase the longevity of these turboprops," said James Hoblyn, president, customer services and specialised and amphibious aircraft, Bombardier Aerospace. "We believe the ABACUS programme will mark the beginning of a mutally beneficial relationship with Fokker Services to extend the services available to our Dash 8/Q100/200/300 aircraft customers."

"The ABACUS cost-by-the-hour programme has been assisting legacy Fokker operators of post-production models to manage their inventory, repair and overhaul costs for 17 years, and we are delighted to team up with one of the world’s pre-eminent aircraft manufacturers to offer operators of Dash 8/Q100/200/300 aircraft the same level of cost predictability and parts availability," declared Roland Van Dijk, president, Fokker Services. "Operators of Dash 8/Q100/200/300 aircraft can enroll in the ABACUS programme as of today. We already have six Dash 8/Q100/200/300 operators enrolled in the programme, and we look forward to working with Bombardier on this exciting opportunity."

Under the proposed alliance, which is expected to be concluded later this year, Fokker Services will repair serviceable components and ensure parts availability through its large component exchange pool on a cost-by-the-hour basis.

In late 2009, Bombardier launched an Extended Service Program with the objective of extending the economic life of the Q100 to 120,000 flight cycles from the original 80,000 flight cycles and with a view possibly applying the programme to the newer Q200 and Q300 aircraft as they approach the 80,000-cycle mark.

Today, there are approximately 600 Dash 8/Q100/200/300 aircraft in operation, and the planned alliance with Fokker Services, says Bombardier, illustrates its commitment to providing comprehensive parts support for these aircraft for many years to come.

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