Bombardier completes CS100’s European route-proving programme

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft has successfully concluded the European route-proving exercises for its CS100 aircraft.
The programme was conducted in the network of launch operator Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) and included over 30 city-pair flights in European cities over a three-week long period.
“Considering that Bombardier inserted the CS100 aircraft into a number of the network operations we currently service, the route-proving programme provided us with a real indication of how the C Series will operate in our route system when we take delivery of our first CS100 aircraft in June,” averred Peter Wojahn, CTO of SWISS. “As the launch customer and the first airline to operate the C Series aircraft, we are very pleased and impressed with the results. It was equally exciting to see these first set of flights operating from our home-base in Zurich.”
“It was a special treat to be able to conclude the CS100 aircraft route-proving program from SWISS' base and we're equally pleased that it went extremely well. Testing important performance targets using real-life routes is an excellent indication of how reliable the aircraft will be when it flies in the SWISS network,” added Rob Dewar, vice-president of the C Series programme, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. “We're also delighted that the flying public in Europe, who will ultimately be amongst the first in the world to fly aboard the aircraft, got a chance to see it operating in prime cities over the past few weeks, as we took the opportunity to show the aircraft to a few European airlines. They were excited to see the first all-new airliner built for the 100- to 150-seat market in close to three decades landing at their airports for the very first time.”
The European route-proving programme followed one conducted last year across North America that included more than 35 cities.

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