Boeing’s announces new Space Bins for more bags on 737s

Boeing has launched its new Space Bins, which provide more room for carry-on bags and which are now available as an optional feature on new 737NGs and 737 MAX aircraft.

Each of the larger Space Bins will stow six bags, two more than the current pivot bins installed on 737NGs with the Boeing Sky Interior, based on a standard size carry-on bag measuring 9 in x 14 in x 22 in (23 cm x 36 cm x 56 cm).

“We’re taking the Boeing Sky Interior, which is hugely popular with our airline customers and passengers, and building on that success by adding even more room for bags,” remarked Beverly Wyse, vice-president and general manager, 737 program, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

With a lower bin lip height, Space Bins provide increased visibility into the back of the bins and make bag loading easier. Boeing noted that they are also as easy to close as the current pivot bins, but require no bin assist mechanism.

The launch customer, Alaska Airlines, will begin installing Space Bins on all new deliveries as soon as the larger bins become available in late 2015.

Boeing’s Space Bins will also be available for retrofit on in-service 737NGs.

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