Boeing, Embraer join forces for ecoDemonstrator tests

Boeing and Embraer are to collaborate to test environment-focused technologies through the ecoDemonstrator Program in a joint effort to improve aviation's environmental performance, thus expanding the co-operation between the two.

Boeing launched its ecoDemonstrator Program in 2011 to accelerate testing and use of new technologies designed to reduce fuel use, carbon emissions and noise. The company has tested more than 50 technologies using a 737-800, 787 and, currently, a 757. As part of this collaboration, the companies are planning to conduct ecoDemonstrator tests using an Embraer aircraft in 2016.

The ecoDemonstrator co-operation between Boeing and Embraer began in 2012 (Embraer's Frederico Curado and Boeing's Jim Albaugh are pictured after signing the original deal). Since then, the manufacturers have worked together to improve runway safety and support Embraer's KC-390 mililtary aircraft programme.

In addition, in 2015, Boeing and Embraer opened a joint biofuel research center in São José dos Campos, Brazil, to perform biofuel research and coordinate research with Brazilian universities and other institutions.

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