Bjorn Kjos supports second runway at Gatwick

In a speech to The Aviation Club in London, Norwegian CEO Bjorn Kjos has stated he strongly backs a new runway at London Gatwick airport rather than at competitor London Heathrow Airport.Kjos predicted that in the future the industry will benefit from lower landing charges and more capacity for low-cost growth, greater competition and more point-to-point travel, intimating Gatwick is better positioned to provide this.He pledged that Norwegian would locate more than 50 new Dreamliner aircraft at Gatwick once a 2nd runway is built, declaring, “To put that into context, we only have nine Dreamliners in our entire global operation today, so locating more than 50 at Gatwick would be a dramatic increase – it would help us create a truly global low-cost network serving a range of established and emerging markets.”Furthermore, Kjos remarked, “Let me make a second commitment: If Gatwick expands, for each of the 50 new Dreamliners we would also locate 2 new short-haul aircraft – so that is another 100 new short-haul aircraft at Gatwick in total. Again, to put this in context, that would mean doubling our entire global fleet of short-haul aircraft, solely at Gatwick.”Kjos rounded off his speech by saying, “Gatwick has my full support and I look forward to a Norwegian Dreamliner being the first to take off from a second runway in the coming years!”

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