Avmax and True Blue Power gain STC for Li-ion battery on Dash 8 family

Avmax and True Blue Power have been granted a Transport Canada Civil Aviation Administration (TCCA) Part 25 Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for installation of the True Blue Power TB44 (44 amp-hour) lithium-ion aircraft battery on Bombardier Dash 8-100/200/300 aircraft.

The two companies have filed for US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 25 approval of the same STC.

"True Blue Power lithium-ion batteries are a significant technology upgrade from heavy, maintenance intensive NiCad batteries,” explained Tobin Shackelford, Avmax’s vice-president of business development and marketing. “Our simple modification has clear financial benefits visible to the bottom line. For operators focused on squeezing performance, this decision makes for a great day at the office.”

Avmax says the TB44 reduces empty weight and increases useful load by 56-80 lb when compared to NiCad and lead-acid batteries and also reduces maintenance cost significantly by creating 2-year maintenance intervals
The reduction in Dash 8 fuel and maintenance costs can be up to $5,000/year/aircraft when compared with NiCad, while the total value of all cost savings and benefits goes up to $25,000/year/aircraft when compared with NiCad. The lower weight also means carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by up to 3 tons/year/aircraft when compared with NiCad

The TB44 Advanced Lithium-ion Battery utilises a proprietary Nanophosphate Lithium-ion cell chemistry that offers superior energy density, delivering three times the energy per kilogramme when compared to lead acid or NiCad alternatives.

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