Aviaso fuel efficiency software for KLM Cityhopper

KLM Cityhopper has signed an agreement with Aviaso for the deployment of comprehensive fuel conservation software to support its fuel savings programme.
"We started a thorough evaluation process including all major providers of fuel efficiency software. Our objective was to find the best provider in terms of software and fuel efficiency know-how fitting our requirements,” explained Peter Derickx, ATM pilot and responsible for fuel efficiency at KLM Cityhopper. "After the review, we picked two companies for our short list. To find the best software, the two providers had to work with our own data and prove that they can handle our setup. To evaluate the fuel efficiency know-how, the companies had to provide a report containing an in-depth analysis of our fuel consumption and an overview of further fuel savings opportunities. We are very glad to say that Aviaso met our requirements and also showed an outstanding way of supporting us with documentation for training.
“Last but not least, [the companies also had to provide] a tool that can create not only the basic and standard analyses, but also gives us the freedom to do our own research,” added Derickx. “The whole investment shows once more KLM Cityhopper’s continuous commitment to safety, efficiency, and reducing our environmental impact."
Aviaso’s fuel efficiency software includes more than 100 ready-made analysis reports. These are designed to allow an airline to understand thoroughly the fuel consumption and to identify potential fuel savings. Furthermore, the Aviaso solution not only identifies the fuel savings, but also helps in achieving them by monitoring the various fuel savings initiatives for each and every flight.

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