ATR reports customer support results for 2013

ATR has announced that its Customer Support activities achieved “outstanding results” in 2013, including 15 Global Maintenance Agreements (GMA) valued at more than $330 million covering a total fleet of more than 160 additional aircraft.

ATR says this increased success for the customer support team is due to its determination to build its own unique support solution, the efficiency of which is gaining the confidence of ATR operators all over the world. The support portfolio is the result of a working investment policy aimed at developing activities related to maintenance on and off the aircraft.

Nearly 300 aircraft in service are to date covered by ATR GMAs, representing more than 30% of the total ATR fleet operating worldwide. GMA deals for the newest generation of ATRs – the 600 Series – have reached 70 aircraft, which is 60% of the total ATR-600s in operation worldwide. The OEM expects this number to rise steeply in the coming years.

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