ATR inaugurates main maintenance base at Toulouse-Francazal airport

ATR has officially opened its new aeronautical maintenance site at Toulouse-Francazal airport following the approval of ATR’s application by OSAC, the French body for civil aviation safety, which awarded it a certificate of accreditation as a maintenance organisation.

The new site amalgamates ATR’s Part 145 maintenance activities for all of its customers worldwide, such as maintenance, servicing and repairs plus related training activities. It will also be possible to conduct Part 147 on-the-job training activities (maintenance, servicing and repairs) for airline technicians. Qualified ATR teams based at the site will provide services to operators, either in the form of major maintenance work in coordination with the design offices, or via secondments to the customer. ATR’s ‘prototype’ activities will also be based at Francazal. The company’s ATR 42-600 and ATR 72-600 prototypes will be prepared for testing and analysing new technologies.

“Technicians from around the world will come to train at Toulouse-Francazal airport thanks to these Part 145 and 147 certifications. For ATR, this new facility was vital for supporting our growth. We can provide our customers with quality services, while at the same time continuously improving the operational reliability of our aircraft,” explained Patrick de Castelbajac, ATR CEO. “We are extremely proud of this new foothold in the Toulouse region, which is yet further proof of the success of our 35-year-long partnership.”

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