ATR gets approvals for more unpaved runway ops in Russian far east

ATR has obtained fleet-wide approval from the Russian Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) for new generation ATR aircraft to operate from three more unpaved runways in the remote parts of Russia.

This IAC certification brings to four the total number of runways approved for use and operations – Mys Kamenny, Lensk, Bodaibo and Igrim, the last of these being certified last year.

The certification allows ATR aircraft to operate from gravel, dirt and grass strips. This significant upgrade to ATR's performance package was accomplished runway per runway, each of which had undergone extensive and thorough operational expertise and testing performed by the ATR engineering team. More unpaved air strips are being assessed to gain approval for ATR operations.

ATR aircraft are the only in-production foreign turboprops above 50 seats to have received certification for unpaved runway operations from the IAC. "The ability to land and depart from unpaved runways adds increased operating flexibility to an already outstanding and robust ATR aircraft requiring minimal airframe modifications," noted Carmine Orsi, ATR senior vice-president technical.

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