ATR develops its onboard operational software offer for iPad

ATR has developed further its onboard Single-point Performance Software (SPS) computation application for the iPad, which allows ATR pilots to compute their takeoff and landing parameters in real time and conditions, and also to edit, sign and send their weight and balance sheets.

The software development for the iPad is part of the airframer’s initiative to meet the new demands of airlines which favour use of the iPad as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB).

SPS is currently available for operators of ATR -500s and -600s. The weight and balance modules will progressively be available for all the versions of the ATR aircraft.

In addition to this development, ATR is also looking to enable the installation of the iPad in the cockpit in “Class II” mode. The installation, optional and also available in retrofit, will have a mounting arm and electric-power supply via USB.

In line with ATR's EDORA project, aiming to bring full digitisation of operational documentation, ATR has also integrated the development of software allowing users to check files in .xml format.

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