ATR 42-600 receives EASA certification

The ATR 42-600 has obtained certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

This certification, prior to the aircraft’s entry into service, marks the end of a series of ground and inflight tests which were performed on the ATR 42-600 prototype.

Within the framework of the test campaign, the ATR 42-600 benefited from its similarity to the ATR 72-600, which was certified in May 2011. As with the ATR 72-600, all of the tests on the ATR 42-600 were used to validate that the new systems and equipment installed on board operate correctly, especially the new ‘glass cockpit’ avionics suite with 5 LCD screens, new communication, navigation and monitoring systems, flight management system (FMS), automatic pilot, alert management and multi-purpose computer (MPC – which integrates aircraft maintenance and protection functions in particular).

Entry into service of the ATR 42-600 is scheduled for summer 2012. The ATR 72-600 has been in service since August 2011 and is currently operated by seven airlines worldwide.

Filippo Bagnato, chief executive officer of ATR, commented, “We are very pleased to see that the entire ATR “-600” family is now ready to operate for our customers. Today we are the only manufacturer of 50-seater aircraft in the world and we estimate that, over the next twenty years, there will be a substantial potential market in this category. Therefore, we must offer the market an aircraft equipped with all the latest technology and the highest levels of comfort.”

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