Atlantic witnesses strong summer season

Atlantic Airways has reported an ‘excellent’ summer season for 2015, which saw around 12,500 more passengers travelling with the airline between May and August compared with the same period last year.
The increase in passenger numbers from 109,500 in the summer of 2014 to approximately 122,000 passengers this summer marks a growth of 11% which the carrier says was reflected on all routes across its network.
Atlantic’s departure on-time performance has also improved over the past six months. Between May and August, 76% of all flights departed on time, which is an increase of 17% compared with the same months last summer.
This improvement is due to several factors, including a simplification of operations and improvement of internal workflow. Another reason is the updated GPS-based navigation technology, RNP, used on the airline’s Airbus fleet. Due to the new technology, Atlantic’s three Airbus aircraft can now fly at lower altitude and in worse visibility when approaching Vágar Airport.
Outgoing CEO, Jørgen Holme, remarked, “I am very pleased with this summer’s development. The good trend suggests we took the right decisions in our new strategy since we see growth throughout basically the entire network.”
“Simply said, it is a delight to become the CEO of a company that is experiencing significant development,” commented Jóhanna á Bergi, who took up Holme’s position on 1 September. “The last CEO, together with our capable staff, has laid a foundation on which I build as we continue to develop the company.”

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