Atlantic launches London–Faroe Islands flights

Faroese flag carrier Atlantic Airways has begun its twice weekly summer schedule from London to the Faroe Islands.

The airline has reported reports buoyant demand for the flights from London Stansted and expects traffic to rise 3% on its successful 2010 figures, when more than 3,200 passengers made the two-hour journey to the Atlantic archipelago.

Services from London Stansted operate on Mondays and Thursdays, from June 2 to August 29, departing Stansted at 12:00 and arriving in the Faroe Islands at 14:15. Return flights depart at 09:00 and land at Stansted at 11:15.

Magni Arge, chief executive at Atlantic Airways, declared himself pleased with the London route’s growing success, remarking, “We’re delighted to see steady growth in the popularity of our services and our beautiful islands, even at a time when know that people’s personal budgets may be a little constrained. Of course, we are close to the UK at a time when people are looking for new and exciting experiences that are perhaps closer to home. We are now thinking in terms of a longer operating season in 2012, using the UK as a connecting hub for the Faroes via other carriers worldwide.”

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