Atlantic Airways adds Airbus A319

Atlantic Airways has taken delivery of its Airbus A319, equipped with CFM engines, as part of its plan to increase its capacity, becoming Airbus’s newest operator.

The aircraft, configured in a single economy class layout with 144 seats, will be deployed on route from Faroe Islands to Copenhagen, Denmark. The aircraft will operate at Vágar Airport, which is known for having poor visibility due to extreme weather conditions. To ease approach procedures into Vágar Airport, Atlantic Airways has chosen Quovadis for flight operations consultancy services to design the first European Required Navigation Performance–Authorisation Required (RNP–AR) procedures.

RNP-AR enables the aircraft to fly precisely along a predefined route using onboard navigation systems and the GPS-based Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

Magni Arge, chief executive of Atlantic Airways, commented, “We selected the A319 as our future platform having evaluated various alternatives. To provide us with optimal performance and range we have chosen the most powerful CFM engines for the aircraft. This one aircraft contract, even if small in size will have a significant input on our islands’ tourism and trade. We are proud to present Atlantic Airways’ brand-new Airbus A319 on the occasion of its 24th birthday.”

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