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Latest assets available from myairlease

LARA is pleased to partner with myairlease to offer subscribers weekly information about assets currently available on the market.

The latest assets are available to browse below:


Model MSN YoM TFHs/TFCs Engines CC OL/A/S AD
MD-83 49855 1990 28953/20460 JT8D-219 28953/20460 S IMM
ATR 42-300F 121 1988 OR PW121 FR S IMM
ATR 42-300 264 1991 OR PW121 OR S IMM
DHC8-402 4076 2003 24899/36725 PW150A 74Y S IMM
DHC8-402 4121 2006 22698/29199 PW150A 74Y S IMM


Engines and APUs

Model ESN L/E/S AD
CFM56-7B26 876246 L IMM
CFM56-5B4/P 779145 L IMM
V2527-A5 V10145 L IMM
V2527-A5 V10130 L IMM
GTCP131-9B P-5373 L/S IMM
GTCP131-9A P-3698 S IMM

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