ASIAN AEROSPACE 2011: Re-engined 737 not main focus confirms Boeing’s Tinseth

Boeing Commercial Airplanes’ vice-president of marketing, Randy Tinseth, has declared that although re-engining of the 737 is “still being looked at it”, it is not the company’s main focus when considering the next development in the 737’s current market.

“We believe we could get 11%-12% improvement on fuel burn with re-engining, but feedback regarding that for the 737 has been mixed”, acknowledged Tinseth. “We have some customers saying that once the fuel burn benefits have been paid for [in acquiring a re-engined aircraft] and increased maintenance costs taken into account, then the operating costs are perhaps only 1%-2% better.”

Boeing is therefore leaning towards bringing a new aircraft into the 737’s market. And Tinseth admitted the replacement many even be a twin-aisle aircraft. “The turn time for such an aircraft is likely to be better, but you’ll get a slight fuel burn hit. However, you could possibly get one more flight per day out of such an aircraft compared with the current 737 and that could significantly improve operating costs.”

As for the vision for the 737 replacement, Tinseth noted, “We’ll look at all the technologies we’ve used on the 787, plus new and emerging technologies. The composites that we’ve used on 787, for example, have met or exceeded our expectations.”

As for Airbus’s A320 re-engining programme, Tinseth quipped, “The A320neo is their attempt to address the performance advantage we have [with the 737].”

Bernie Baldwin
Editor, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines/
Hong Kong

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