APS licensed to perform OEM-proprietary MRO on 568F propeller systems

Aircraft Propeller Service (APS) has become the first third-party MRO company licensed to perform OEM-proprietary repairs and inspections involving the compression wrap processes for 568F propeller systems.
APS' VP sales and marketing, Dennis Santare, stated, “This is an incredibly important distinction given the growth forecast for the ATR aircraft fleet which relies on the 568F system."
The 568F is a Kevlar Shell/Graphic Spar six blade propeller. It is used on ATR42-500/600 and ATR72-500/600 aircraft.
"We can handle all inspections and repairs, as well as warranty repairs, under one roof," Santare continued. "No processes will be outsourced on the blades and almost all processes for hubs, actuators and other prop components are performed in-house.
“Financially, having the compression wrap technology and license places us in a strong position to become very cost efficient. This will help APS earn a good amount of our customers’ 568F repair business, ensuring a sound return on the investment in the license and technology."

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