Apple Pay available on easyJet website

easyJet has announced that customers can now use Apple Pay on the internet for bookings made on the carrier’s website, a move which makes payment a “2 touch” process.Apple Pay is already available via easyJet’s iOS mobile app, but now customers will also be able to confirm their booking via on their Apple iPad or Apple Mac. Customers using to make a booking will see a ‘Buy with Apple Pay’ button on the checkout screen and will then be able to select the card of their choice and authorise a secure payment via Touch ID fingerprint recognition.If the customer is on an Apple Mac there will be a seamless hand-off to the customer’s iPhone where they will use Touch ID or their Apple Watch to authorise the payment. There is no need to enter in any card details at all making it a quick, secure and easy way to pay.James Millett, easyJet’s head of digital, explained, “We’re delighted that from today we’re one of the first airlines in the world to introduce Apple Pay on Web for We’re all about innovating to make it easier for customers and we’re proud to be leading the way in the future of payments.”“Gone are the days of scrambling around searching for a bank card to book a flight. Whether you’re booking a flight on your Apple iPad or Apple Mac paying for flights is as easy as selecting ‘Buy with Apple Pay’ and placing your finger on Touch ID on your mobile. Booking flights has never been so easy!”Apple Pay provides an easy and secure way to pay for services. Since the launch of easyJet’s iPhone app in 2011 the innovative app has evolved from easy booking and check-in functionality to include popular features like passport scanning, live flight tracking, mobile boarding passes and Touch ID. It is also complimented by the easyJet Apple Watch app and real-time airport push notifications for go-to-gate and bag reclaim information.

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