AmSafe lightweight passenger belts for Allegiant MD-80s

AmSafe Industries has announced that Allegiant Air is to equip its Boeing MD-80s with AmSafe’s next generation lightweight passenger seatbelt, which is designed to be nearly 25% lighter than the restraint installed on the majority of the world’s commercial fleet.

“As carriers once again face the challenge of extremely high fuel costs, they continue to look for innovative ways to reduce cabin weight,” noted Herb Mardany, senior vice-president of AmSafe Industries. “Our lightweight seatbelt, which retains the iconic teardrop buckle design familiar to passengers around the world, is an important component of any weight-reduction plan geared toward improved fuel efficiency.”

“AmSafe’s lightweight seatbelt is an ideal complement to our 3100 FeatherWeight series seat. The combined selection by Allegiant of lightweight products will provide an industry-leading weight savings solution,” claimed Rick Salanitri, president of TIMCO Aerosystems.

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