AMOS selected by Pegasus for MRO IT

Pegasus Airlines has signed a deal Swiss-AviationSoftware to implement the latter’s maintenance and engineering software AMOS.

The onsite AMOS presentations as well as a visit to a reference customer finally triggered the decision that AMOS is the system that best meets Pegasus’s demands.

“The implementation of AMOS at Pegasus Airlines will not only support their future growth but also allow the carrier to improve internal maintenance procedures, while maintaining a high level of safety in the operation of the fleet,” stated Ronald Schaeuffele, CEO of Swiss-AS.

Pegasus carefully evaluated the functional scope as well as technology of AMOS, as well as having a close look at the service package that Swiss-AS offers its customers to ensure an efficient and successful implementation. The plan is to implement AMOS without any specific customisation as the system covers the requirements of the low-fare carrier.

Pegasus Airlines is planning to integrate AMOS with other systems used in the organisation, such as flight operations, human resources, finance, accounting and electronic flight bag. With the fully implemented AMOS, all maintenance processes in Pegasus Airlines will be managed electronically.

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