American Eagle pilots to retain AA hiring opportunities

American Eagle pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l, (ALPA), have announced an agreement with American Eagle and American Airlines that will provide all Eagle pilots the opportunity to be hired by American Airlines in the future, even after the two carriers are under different ownership.

ALPA says this job progression and protection agreement is the most significant of eight recent agreements between ALPA and American Eagle, negotiated in anticipation of the potential divestiture of American Eagle from parent AMR Corporation. “Regardless of American Eagle’s ownership status, we remain committed to protecting pilot jobs and career aspirations,” said Captain Anthony Gutierrez, chairman of the Eagle unit of ALPA.

In addition to providing job protection and career progression for American Eagle pilots, ALPA says the agreement provides American Eagle with the ability to control pilot longevity over a significant period of time, while simultaneously providing pilot recruitment and retention tools.

Under this agreement, American Eagle pilots will occupy a minimum of 35% of every American Airlines new hire class and that percentage will increase to offset any potential periods of retraction. “I’m a strong proponent of career advancement agreements and pilots working with management to create an environment for mutual success,” said Captain Lee Moak, president of ALPA. “This settlement is an indication of ALPA’s, Eagle’s and American’s ability to work together for a successful outcome for all three parties.”

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