Allegiant Systems starts multi-airline trial of FlyDesk Cabin

Allegiant Air and three other international airlines have begun operational trials of Allegiant Systems’ FlyDesk Cabin solution, which digitises manuals, automates reporting and offers secure communication tools using Apple iPad hardware – more than 200 devices are in use at the four airlines.

FlyDesk Cabin is designed to create a paperless operation, cutting back on unnecessary weight, facilitating accuracy of manuals and improving efficiency, while decreasing operational costs.

The four-week trial began on 3 December and will help define the operational benefits that mobile technology brings to the airlines’ cabin crew members. Crew at each airline are using the advanced paperless workspace function of FlyDesk Cabin to improve customer service and productivity, while streamlining operational processes and increasing revenue opportunities.

“These trials mark a new world in cabin crew mobility and operations,” declared Andrew Kemmetmueller, CEO of Allegiant Systems. “FlyDesk provides airlines with an opportunity to take advantage of tablet hardware in the hands of their inflight crew, who are often the least-connected airline staff.”

The trial, which includes airlines in Europe and Central America, includes the advanced use of digital manuals and has demonstrated the multi-lingual capacity of the system. As part of the trial service, Allegiant Systems has also included training, hardware logistics and ongoing support services to the airlines.

In addition to the reporting and paperless functionality of FlyDesk Cabin, Allegiant Air has also launched a new, integrated FlyDesk Buy-on-Board application, which allows the cabin crew to use the same iPad to process onboard customer purchases.

The initial hardware deployment and training has been completed successfully and thus far, the response from in-flight crews at all four airlines has been positive. The trial continues until the end of 2012, at which time the full results of the trials will be available.

FlyDesk Cabin is the first of several FlyServices offered within the FlyDesk mobile platform by Allegiant Systems, all of which are designed to offer increased efficiency for airlines, with faster deployment, effortless scaling and continuous support.

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