All infoWERK OPS courses now available for mobiles

infoWERK is now delivering all of its OPS training products for iPads and Android tablets and says it will continue to expand its portfolio constantly.

“We are delighted that infoWERK’s customers are to receive the benefits of this new learning system using mobiles,” remarked the company’s CEO Hansjörg Lotter. “For infoWERK, this is a major and necessary enhancement we are adding to our products and services and a most exciting, since tablets have been fast proving to be a revolutionary learning platform. It has already been established in many airlines as the operational tool of choice for quite some years.”

According to Lotter, the move will transform web-based training into a more innovative, flexible and portable delivery platform. He also believes it offers a perfect form of interactivity to complement the students’ growing knowledge and will provide a higher learning experience, all from one single device.

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